Photos: Rhye at Danforth Music Hall

For a debut album, RHYE’s Woman is shamelessly poetic. The 2013 full-length is a polychromatic trip through raw emotions and its effects came to light on Tuesday (December 8th) as Milosh and company left Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall in a state of perpetual bliss. The group’s headliner was extremely poignant — touching on “The Fall”, “3 Days”, and even “Major Minor Love” — and it never felt forced as recordings such as “Last Dance” used the open space to hit a little bit harder off the floor. It was a neat compliment to Lisa Lobsinger’s opener with LASER, and if we’re being honest, the two are destined to do a small rooms-only tour. If you missed the show, check our photo gallery above via Hannah Jor.

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