Photos: The Dirty Nil at The Horseshoe Tavern

Given their talent and resolve, THE DIRTY NIL will always be rock stars. The Dundas, Ontario outfit have been doing the “we’re not punk” grind since their “Nu Music Night” days, and it’s been an absolute trip to see them go from “Fuckin’ Up Young” to “Nicotine” to “No Weaknesses”. That being said, the sky’s the limit for The Nil and their album release bash at The Horseshoe Tavern (February 27th) provided some solid proof — inciting riffs, surfs, and a feverish Toronto crowd. Photographer Steve St. Jean hung out with the band before/during their set so check out his gallery above.

The Dirty Nil’s debut Higher Power is out now on Dine Alone Records; grab it on vinyl and check out their other releases via their Bandcamp

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