Photo: Laura Stevenson at The Drake Hotel

Fact: Even though LAURA STEVENSON’s Cocksure is six months old, it’s still a record that’s fully capable of taking a pair of fabric scissors to your heartstrings. The Long Island songwriter recently headlined at The Drake (May 3rd) — playing her first gig in Toronto in years — and she didn’t disappoint as her full band set was packed with new singles (“Jellyfish”, “Torch Song”) and a couple of gorgeous nods to her 2013 LP Wheel (“Renee”, “Runner”). Taiwan’s THE TIC TAC helped kick off the CMW show and photographer Seita Goto was there to grab a few stills. Check them out above.

Laura Stevenson’s Cocksure is out now via Don Giovanni Records; revisit our interview from October and grab a copy of the LP on vinyl

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