Photos: WayHome Festival 2016 (Saturday)

WayHome Festival 2016

Following its initial launch into the weekend, WAYHOME used Saturday (July 23rd) as a platform to focus on the one thing that other events tend to devalue over time: the music. The festival stumbled into a few hiccups — i.e. sound issues and late-night scheduling conflicts — but it hit a lot of the right notes as they pushed a heady mix of trip hop and Dine Alone acts, and saw the WayAway outpost take center stage. Oh, and the bands killed it too. ARCADE FIRE blasted through Funeral and The Suburbs, SAVAGES paid tribute to Alan Vega, FKA TWIGS redefined art, and CHET FAKER, VINCE STAPLES, ARKELLS, MOTHERS, and BADBADNOTGOOD were explosive and incomparable. If you missed out, then check out our photo recap below via Jeff Filman.


Mothers - WayHome Festival-1

Mothers - WayHome Festival-2

Mothers - WayHome Festival-3

Mothers - WayHome Festival-4


Noah Gundersen - WayHome Festival-1

Noah Gundersen - WayHome Festival-2

Noah Gundersen - WayHome Festival-3

Noah Gundersen - WayHome Festival-4


Half Moon Run - WayHome Festival-1

Half Moon Run - WayHome Festival-2

Half Moon Run - WayHome Festival-3

Half Moon Run - WayHome Festival-4


Bahamas - WayHome Festival-1

Bahamas - WayHome Festival-2

Bahamas - WayHome Festival-3


Third Eye Blind - WayHome Festival-1

Third Eye Blind - WayHome Festival-2

Third Eye Blind - WayHome Festival-3

Third Eye Blind - WayHome Festival-4

Third Eye Blind - WayHome Festival-5


Kurt Vile - WayHome Festival-1

Kurt Vile - WayHome Festival-2

Kurt Vile - WayHome Festival-3

Kurt Vile - WayHome Festival-4


BadBadNotGood - WayHome Fesyival-1

BadBadNotGood - WayHome Fesyival-2

BadBadNotGood - WayHome Fesyival-3

BadBadNotGood - WayHome Fesyival-4


M83 - WayHome Festival-1

M83 - WayHome Festival-2

M83 - WayHome Festival-3

M83 - WayHome Festival-4

M83 - WayHome Festival-5

M83 - WayHome Festival-6

M83 - WayHome Festival-7


Arkells - WayHome Festival-1

Arkells - WayHome Festival-2

Arkells - WayHome Festival-3

Arkells - WayHome Festival-4

Arkells - WayHome Festival-5

Arkells - WayHome Festival-6

Arkells - WayHome Festival-7


Savages - WayHome Festival-1

Savages - WayHome Festival-2

Savages - WayHome Festival-3

Savages - WayHome Festival-4

Savages - WayHome Festival-5

Savages - WayHome Festival-6

Savages - WayHome Festival-7

Savages - WayHome Festival-8

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