Photos: WayHome Festival 2016 (Sunday)

MO at WayHome 2016

On Sunday (July 24th), WAYHOME closed things out with a slow burn of alt rock — i.e. THE KILLERS, HAIM, and Nashua’s RAY LAMONTAGNE — but it eventually came together to outline a pretty bright future. The festival’s still new, and with that, it’s showing some incredible handiwork when it comes to carving out a niche that’s full of Ferris wheels, hip art exhibits, and “local” food and drink notables (The Drake, STATION Cold Brew). The majority obviously want WayHome to become the summer go-to that Toronto so desperately needs (and may never have), but it’s much more than that. It’s a festival that has a Farmers’ Market and an incessant love for music that hits home, and with another edition already slated for July 2017, the sky’s the limit.

Check out our photo recap below via Jeff Filman and make sure to scroll through our other photo galleries of WayHome Friday + Saturday


The Paper Kites - WayHome Festival-1

The Paper Kites - WayHome Festival-2

The Paper Kites - WayHome Festival-3

The Paper Kites - WayHome Festival-4


BORNS - WayHome Festival-1

BORNS - WayHome Festival-2

BORNS - WayHome Festival-3

BORNS - WayHome Festival-4

BORNS - WayHome Festival-5


Stars - WayHome Festival-1

Stars - WayHome Festival-2

Stars - WayHome Festival-3

Stars - WayHome Festival-4

Stars - WayHome Festival-5


All Them Witches - WayHome Festival-1

All Them Witches - WayHome Festival-2

All Them Witches - WayHome Festival-3

All Them Witches - WayHome Festival-4

All Them Witches - WayHome Festival-5


Beirut - WayHome Festival-1

Beirut - WayHome Festival-2

Beirut - WayHome Festival-3

Beirut - WayHome Festival-4


The Arcs - WayHome Festival-1

The Arcs - WayHome Festival-2

The Arcs - WayHome Festival-3

The Arcs - WayHome Festival-4

The Arcs - WayHome Festival-5

MO - WayHome Festival-1

MO - WayHome Festival-2

MO - WayHome Festival-3

MO - WayHome Festival-4

MO - WayHome Festival-5

MO - WayHome Festival-6

MO - WayHome Festival-7

MO - WayHome Festival-8


White Denim - WayHome Festival-1

White Denim - WayHome Festival-2

White Denim - WayHome Festival-3

White Denim - WayHome Festival-4

White Denim - WayHome Festival-5

White Denim - WayHome Festival-6

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