Photos: Fuji Rock Japan 2016 (Friday)

Courtney Barnett at Fuji Rock Japan

Disclaimer: FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL rules. Smash Corp’s annual gathering celebrated its 20th anniversary just a few weeks ago (July 22nd-24th) and we managed to make our way over to the scenic mountains of Naeba, Japan to get a glimpse of the country’s premier rock festival. In short, it was an ethereal break from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo (and North America) and Friday’s lineup upped the bliss with performances from SIGUR RÓS, DISCLOSURE, JAMES BLAKE, JAKE BUGG, and COURTNEY BARNETT. Check out our photo recap below via photographer Julia Marcello.

Fuji Rock 2016 - Friday

Fuji Rock 2016 - Friday-2

Fuji Rock 2016 - Friday-3

Fuji Rock 2016 - Friday-4

Fuji Rock 2016 - Friday-5

Fuji Rock 2016 - Friday-6


Biffy Clyro - Fuji Rock

Biffy Clyro - Fuji Rock-2

Biffy Clyro - Fuji Rock-3

Biffy Clyro - Fuji Rock-4


Lapsley - Fuji Rock

Lapsley - Fuji Rock-2

Lapsley - Fuji Rock-3

Lapsley - Fuji Rock-4

Lapsley - Fuji Rock-5


Jake Bugg - Fuji Rock

Jake Bugg - Fuji Rock-2

Jake Bugg - Fuji Rock-3

Jake Bugg - Fuji Rock-4

Jake Bugg - Fuji Rock-5

Jake Bugg - Fuji Rock-6


The Internet - Fuji Rock

The Internet - Fuji Rock-2

The Internet - Fuji Rock-3

The Internet - Fuji Rock-4

The Internet - Fuji Rock-5


Courtney Barnett - Fuji Rock

Courtney Barnett - Fuji Rock-2

Courtney Barnett - Fuji Rock-3

Courtney Barnett - Fuji Rock-4

Courtney Barnett - Fuji Rock-5

Courtney Barnett - Fuji Rock-6

Courtney Barnett - Fuji Rock-7


James Blake - Fuji Rock

James Blake - Fuji Rock-2

James Blake - Fuji Rock-3

James Blake - Fuji Rock-4

James Blake - Fuji Rock-5

James Blake - Fuji Rock-6

James Blake - Fuji Rock-7


Sigur Ros - Fuji Rock

Sigur Ros - Fuji Rock-2

Sigur Ros - Fuji Rock-3

Sigur Ros - Fuji Rock-4

Sigur Ros - Fuji Rock-5

Sigur Ros - Fuji Rock-6


Disclosure - Fuji Rock

Disclosure - Fuji Rock-2

Disclosure - Fuji Rock-3

Disclosure - Fuji Rock-4

Disclosure - Fuji Rock-5

Disclosure - Fuji Rock-6

Disclosure - Fuji Rock-7

Disclosure - Fuji Rock-8

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