Photos: Fuji Rock Japan 2016 (Saturday)

Fuji Rock 2016 - Saturday

Japan’s FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL hit the reset button on Saturday (July 23rd) and despite its new found attachment to Pokémon GO, it cued up a second set of headliners and local icons and didn’t miss a beat. The outdoor fest had booked more than 200 acts for its casual hang at the Naeba Ski Resort in Niigata Prefecture and Mother Nature was having the time of her life as Day Two showcased the likes of BECK, SQUAREPUSHER, TORTOISE, THE ALBUM LEAF, BAAUER, and KILL THE NOISE. Jeff Tweedy and WILCO packed the Green Stage with an early evening set that unraveled Star Wars and a live rendition of “Locator”, and photographer Julia Marcello was on hand to grab a few stills (and a rare Farfetch’d). Check them out below.


Tom Odell - Fuji Rock

Tom Odell - Fuji Rock-2

Tom Odell - Fuji Rock-3

Tom Odell - Fuji Rock-4


Seiko Oomori - Fuji Rock

Seiko Oomori - Fuji Rock-2

Seiko Oomori - Fuji Rock-3

Seiko Oomori - Fuji Rock-4

Seiko Oomori - Fuji Rock-5

Seiko Oomori - Fuji Rock-6


The Album Leaf - Fuji Rock

The Album Leaf - Fuji Rock-2

The Album Leaf - Fuji Rock-3

The Album Leaf - Fuji Rock-4

The Album Leaf - Fuji Rock-5

The Album Leaf - Fuji Rock-6


The Heavy - Fuji Rock

The Heavy - Fuji Rock-2

The Heavy - Fuji Rock-3

The Heavy - Fuji Rock-4


Wilco - Fuji Rock

Wilco - Fuji Rock-2

Wilco - Fuji Rock-3

Wilco - Fuji Rock-4

Wilco - Fuji Rock-5


Beck - Fuji Rock

Beck - Fuji Rock-2

Beck - Fuji Rock-3

Beck - Fuji Rock-4

Beck - Fuji Rock-5

Beck - Fuji Rock-6

Beck - Fuji Rock-7


Squarepusher - Fuji Rock

Squarepusher - Fuji Rock-2

Squarepusher - Fuji Rock-3

Squarepusher - Fuji Rock-4

Squarepusher - Fuji Rock-5

Squarepusher - Fuji Rock-6

Squarepusher - Fuji Rock-7

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