Photos: Eric Andre Live! at Danforth Music Hall

ERIC ANDRE is a diabolical genius. The Florida-born actor/comedian has made a living terrorizing Lauren Conrad and spoofing the New York subway system, but his algorithm for cringe humor has also turned The Eric Andre Show into a memed-out definition of success. This season alone, he’s pissed off T.I., scared the living daylight out of Jack McBrayer, introduced Rapper Warrior Ninja, and made “Flying Lotus Checks His Emails” a thing. It might sound like B-level comedy, but it’s Adult Swim at its finest and a toast to society’s obsession with watching celebrities cope with nonsense.

That being said, Eric Andre’s live show isn’t just a live show — it’s a goddamn spectacle. His ‘Eric Andre Live!’ tour made a quick pit stop at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall last week (September 14th) and in no time at all, it “ranched it up” with skits, Kraft Punk, Kraft Ranch, and special guests such as Our Lady Peace’s own Jeremy Taggart. It’s a bit hard to put it into words, so if you missed it, check out the photo gallery that’s above (via Matt Jumper). You won’t regret it.

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