Photos: Tennis at The Horseshoe Tavern

Even though their skill sets are often overshadowed by a love for sailing trips, TENNIS have spent the last few years writing tunes that expand on some of the greatest eras of pop music. It’s heartwarming stuff to listen to when you’re enclosed in an intimate space and it’s why their recent return to Toronto’s Horseshoe Tavern (on March 11th) felt like a beautifully rendered rift in time. The duo’s sold-out set had its nods to their 2011 winter tour for Cape Dory but it underlined new standards (“Fields Of Blue”, “Modern Woman”) and honed in on the retro bite of Young & Old, Small Sound, and Ritual In Repeat. Words don’t do it justice — and the same goes for OVERCOATS — so dig up their music and check out our photos above (via Matt Jumper).

Tennis’ new LP Yours Conditionally is out now on Mutually Detrimental; for concert listings + more, bookmark

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