Photos: Architects at Danforth Music Hall

Since their Hollow Crown days, Brighton’s ARCHITECTS have never really embraced presets or normalities. Instead, they’ve spent a lifetime augmenting the louder side of metal and punk, and despite a few personal hardships and the sheer lack of appreciation for their work ethic, they’ve always succeeded at making you feel something. That’s why their recent U.S. tour closer at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall (April 6th) hit a new decibel as the Brits teamed up with MAKE THEM SUFFER and NY’s STRAY FROM THE PATH and went for broke. The whole thing turned out to be a frantic backflip into songs that are still capable of removing your head from your body so check out our photo gallery above (via Jeff Filman).

Architects’ new LP All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us is out now on Epitaph; for show listings and more, keep tabs on

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