Photos: METZ, Fake Palms at Silver Dollar Room

Goodbyes are just the worst. They’ve become the norm for Toronto music diehards with the recent R.I.P. posts for Soybomb HQ and The Hoxton, and it’s been tragic to see the Silver Dollar Room follow suit. Luckily, it went out with a bang. The iconic bar held its final show on Sunday (April 30th) and crowd surfed its way into history as METZ teamed up with NEW FRIES & FAKE PALMS and punked the fuck out.

Their sprawling rush of chaos saluted Dan Burke’s legacy — the DIY ethos, the gender balance, and all of those nights that showcased Mac DeMarco, Bleached, White Lung, Mikal Cronin, TOPS, The Babies, and The Dirty Nil — and it ended with the booker surfing on the venue’s iconic logo and doing what the Dollar does best: putting music first. We’re sad to see it go but as a final au revoir, check out our stills above (via Matt Forsythe).

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