Photos: Feist at Massey Hall

Despite being caught in a blind crossfire of a hectic month and a hellish Toronto heat wave, FEIST pulled off the unthinkable over the weekend by being herself. Her recent nightcap at Massey Hall (Sep. 24th) was dedicated to Pleasure and its numbing sparks of rock ‘n’ roll (“Century”, “I Wish I Didn’t Miss You”) and with a full three-piece band, she used her set to burrow into every lush aesthetic that has ever underlined her career. There were nods to Metals, vivid portraits of older songs (“Mushaboom”, “My Moon My Man”), and even a few impromptu moments in which Leslie invited couples onstage to slow-dance to “Young Up” and “Let It Die”. It was a damn near perfect night for anyone that’s laughed, cried, or found complete solace in one of her projects, and it went out of its way to clarify why you should never lose faith in music. We were able to grab photos so check ’em out above via Matt Jumper.

Feist’s fifth record Pleasure is out now via Universal; for concert listings and more, keep tabs on

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