Photos: Death From Above, The Beaches at Phoenix Concert Theatre

Following their extensive U.S. tour, DEATH FROM ABOVE and THE BEACHES partook in a double-header at Toronto’s Phoenix Concert Theatre over the weekend (Dec. 1st & 2nd) and piled on the riffs. Jesse F. Keeler and Sebastien Grainger spent the first night blitzing through a decade of classics — including material from The Physical World and You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine — while their garage pop counterparts tapped into their debut and its “no chaser” fuzz (see “T-Shirt”, “Back Of My Heart”). The two bands eventually joined forces and stirred up the kind of magic you’d run into at a basement show in the suburbs, and on that note, words don’t do it justice. Photos do, so check out our gallery above via Matt Jumper.

Death From Above’s Outrage! Is Now is out now via Last Gang; for concerts and more, visit

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