Listen: Olden Yolk – “Vital Sign”

OLDEN YOLK, a new collaborative project from Quilt’s Shane Butler and multi-instrumentalist Caity Shaffer, have released a follow-up to their debut single and it’s a doozy. “Vital Sign” is a thrifty psych rock number but one that casually ties a noose around your heart before tightening it and letting your brain free fall into a natural form of ecstasy. It’s really heady stuff and as Butler and Shaffer explain, the song itself begins with a reflective moment that quickly reaches a breaking point:

“Vital Sign” represents two sides of a coin. It references feelings of isolation and paranoia felt during periods of illness and confinement, as well as the emergence from such an experience, in recognition of the trials that bind us (“It could have been you too”).

Olden Yolk’s S/T debut is out Feb. 23rd via Trouble In Mind; pre-order it here

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