Photos: Japandroids, Tennis at Lustre Pearl

Even though it’s no Doritos’ Bold Stage (sigh), TWIX’s House Of Duos series at Austin’s Lustre Pearl turned out to be one of the biggest brand(ed) surprises of SXSW Music. The Wednesday night edition (on Mar. 14th) threw Rainey St. into a perpetual state of bliss as WYE OAK dug up The Louder I Call with a new bassist; TENNIS made pop standards soulful again with Yours Conditionally; and JAPANDROIDS upped the ear candy with anthems from Celebration Rock and last year’s Near To The Wild Heart Of Life. In a weird way, it was oddly perfect — even if you leave out the endless run of candy bars — and it was enough to prove that everything’s better when it comes in twos. Check out our live stills above via Matt Jumper.

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