Photos: Moaning at Voodoo Doughnut Austin

Putting guitar riffs and jelly-filled crullers first, The Grey Estates and New Professor threw a killer party at Austin’s Voodoo Doughnut V for SXSW (on Mar. 15th) and it was sweeter than Bavarian cream. Their Thursday afternooner championed indie acts such as PARDONER, RATBOYS, LEGGY, and Portland’s STRANGE RANGER, but MOANING and ANNA BURCH stole the show — trading secrets on alt rock while underlining the genius of new cuts like “Don’t Go”, “Artificial”, “2 Cool 2 Care”, and “Tea-Soaked Letter”. Check out our live stills above via Troy Black.

Moaning’s Moaning and Anna Burch’s Quit The Curse are out now in stores; grab them on vinyl here and here

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