Photos: Elohim at The Velvet Underground

Since Thursday nights are meant for falling in love and vibing out, L.A.’s ELOHIM recently teamed up with YOSHI FLOWER for a one-off at The Velvet Underground (Mar. 29th) that was poetically out of this world. The mysterious singer-producer went for it — ping-ponging between bouncy synths and shards of pop that’ll make your eyes dilate, and it was enough to bring singles such as “Hallucinating” and “Fuck Your Money” to life. The show itself felt like a house party dipped in every posi feeling imaginable so toss on “Sleepy Eyes” and flip through our stills (via Wendy Wei).

Elohim’s S/T debut is out April 27th on Sony/BMG; for concert listings + more, bookmark

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