Going Live: Sleigh Bells, Danny Brown (NXNE 2014)

Sleigh Bells-1North By Northeast’s Yonge & Dundas shows jumped off on Thursday (June 19th) with a diverse lineup that had everyone dodging texts just to live in the hype. Toronto’s ODONIS ODONIS and Glasgow’s GOLDEN TEACHER noised it up, DANNY BROWN rolled in like Lt. Dan and zoomed through his party faves (“Dope Song”, “Dip”, “Blunt After Blunt”), and SLEIGH BELLS did as much damage as they could before the city’s curfew took effect. It’s rare to see Bells’ Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller bop around for an entire headliner but YDS made sure their songs had more than enough room to breathe, thrash, and repeat. Check out Kurt Cuffy’s galleries below and tag our NXNE section.


Odonis Odonis-1

Odonis Odonis-2

Odonis Odonis-3

Odonis Odonis-4

Odonis Odonis-5


Golden Teacher-1

Golden Teacher-2

Golden Teacher-3

Golden Teacher-4

Golden Teacher-5

Golden Teacher-6


Danny Brown-1

Danny Brown-2

Danny Brown-3

Danny Brown-4

Danny Brown-5

Danny Brown-6

Danny Brown-7


Sleigh Bells-2

Sleigh Bells-3

Sleigh Bells-4

Sleigh Bells-5

Sleigh Bells-6

Sleigh Bells-7

Sleigh Bells-8

Sleigh Bells-9

Sleigh Bells-10

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