Going Live: Julian Casablancas

© Jeff Parsons

Who: Julian Casablancas
Where: Kool Haus, Toronto
When: April 2 2010

To appease the appetite of shrieking fangirls, The Strokes frontman’s performance switched venues (from the Phoenix Concert Theatre) but it didn’t change the audience’s expectations. The crowd that gathered on the Friday night at the Kool Haus knew Julian Casablancas would be knocking out jams from his highly overrated acclaimed solo record Phrazes For The Young, but they also knew he’d commit an act that’s a little bit retro.

Casablancas plowed through old favourites from The Strokes catalogue that not only outshined his own material, but reinforced that the band would be the exact same during their next gig in Toronto.


[Find more photos of Julian Casablanca’s set in Toronto at our Facebook page]


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