Going Live: Hole

© Jeff Parsons

Who: Hole
Where: Sound Academy, Toronto
When: July 10 2010

Courtney Love is a walking explosive. Aside from the venomous ex-girlfriend attitude, the musician has the ability to erupt after being ignited by practically anything that comes off negative to her. But don’t think her careless persona smothers her talent as Love was on cue with the rest of Hole at their Toronto date, unleashing numbers off their recent record Nobody’s Daughter. The group’s performance didn’t kick off on time but it didn’t have to because even though Love may be reckless, she’s still got it.


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  • b. says:

    the show was surprisingly good.

    just wished the old band members were part of this incarnation of hole.

  • Anonymous says:

    Courtney Love: Nobody’s Daughter
    Live in Toronto, Summer 2010

    Like any 90s child, I was raised with grunge, so I can’t help but feel nostalgic when I hear said music from my youth. But in sincerity, I didn’t fully appreciate Courtney Love the icon, Courtney Love the legend, Courtney Love the fuck-up, or Courtney Love the MUSICIAN, until I lost the man that I once believed was the love of my life… until I lost my very own “Kurt”.

    Say what you will about Ms. Love, but hear me on this – all of you listen hard and all of you listen good – she KNOWS love, she KNOWS hate, she definitely KNOWS pain and most certainly is WELL-ACQUAINTED with sorrow. Her desperation – her songwriting – speaks to people because it’s her guts in all their glory live on the floor AND in your face.

    While HER truth may tinker on the darker side of human emotion – a truth we often try to shelter ourselves from, a truth we often try to deny – it is REAL, and it is UNIVERSAL. Never forget that. Courtney – long may you rock!

    -Rose Cora Perry

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