GOING LIVE: Dirty Projectors

© Jeff Parsons

WHO: Dirty Projectors
WHERE: The Opera House, Toronto
WHEN: September 15 2010

Dirty Projectors and their odd ensemble of sounds and wails are ideal for hippies grown tired of listening to Pink Floyd and in need of an earthy change but they’ve also become a fetish for hipsters that try too hard. Just one of the unorthodox tunes the Brooklyn experimental army played during their most recent Toronto gig, “Temecula Sunrise” is rich with roots folk and psychadelia. How does it convince American Apparel fanatics with their pizza slice tattoos to dance? We may never know. The hippies on the other hand were definitely enjoying every last art rock lick as Dave Longstreth and company did their best impression of modern Grateful Dead fused with abstract indie pop.


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