LIVE VIDEO: Skrillex

We have all been to that show; the one where you look at your friend next to you, smile and realize you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. In that sense, concerts can be inspirational, magical and exhilarating and to help relive those moments, we’ve patched together a video segment to highlight artists of all genres.

A DJ who has emerged from a completely different genre, SKRILLEX has built a style, an image and a sound that tears down the fabric of electronic music and stitches it back together. While his gig at the Kool Haus in Toronto was a dubstep romp, the 23-year-old’s second show at The Hoxton – a more exclusive venue – literally captured an audience by the neck and made everyone’s senses explode.

[Dig the clip? Find more live/acoustic videos over at our YouTube page]

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