GOING LIVE: Japanther


Half art project, half noise rock contraption, Brooklyn duo JAPANTHER have always been able to stun you. Not stupefy, wow, or leave you in subtle awe – just stun you, making you wonder a) what just occurred, and b) why a feeling of unusual joy has now embraced your body. The twosome’s recent set at The Garrison in Toronto proved that Ian Vanek and Matt Reilly still encompass the ability to do the previously stated with mere ease, like watching a famous illustrator sketch out an inanimate object within seconds. In other words, Japanther rocked hard (as usual) and since their hybrid punk was well missed before, the imprint left at the crowded show was a lot bigger.


[Grab the duo’s latest album Beets, Limes And Rice via Recess Records // iTunes]

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