Going Live: Bad Religion, The Bronx

It can almost be frightening to see how a song can resurrect certain memories and that may certainly be why the group of folks at the Kool Haus were on edge. BAD RELIGION made their long-awaited (but quick) return to Toronto this past Sunday and it was near impossible to let go the feeling of a small club show. Energy levels spiked as POLAR BEAR CLUB graced their biggest stage in the city, and though they were marked as “the replacement”, THE BRONX slayed every single living and breathing object in the room. That is, of course, until their Los Angeles brethren powered through 27 recordings and a four-song encore (“Fuck Armageddon…”, “Vanity”, “Infected” and “Dept. Of False Hope”). As both kids and old-timers noted, blending three styles of punk can give you shin splints.

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