Going Live: No Joy

Having ripped their way through shoegaze/pop fuzz since 2010’s Ghost Blonde, Montreal’s NO JOY are cruising into a new direction and they want you to keel over every last piercing hook. That’s the vibe the Mexican Summer vets gave off at The Garrison, anyway. The group pit-stopped in Toronto on the release day of their full-length LP titled Wait To Pleasure and their textural romps juddered, splashed and swerved about, letting harmonies rage inside of your head and off every wall. The four-piece have banged out distortion and lo-fi hitters before, but the recordings and the space told a different story – No Joy aren’t the same band they used to be because they’re officially taking over this year. That may sound like an excerpt that’s usually attached to the Biebers and the Gagas, but just watch.

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