Going Live: Paramore, Lights

It’s never easy adapting to change, especially when it comes to being on the bill for grander venues and looking back at the 9:30 Club and CBGB, but PARAMORE’s renewed sense of purpose has been in their corner for the past year. It’s been an endless dogfight as they’re not trying to be pop stars and it’s unquestionably outlined one plain fact: they still have and likely never will lose momentum. The group’s recent visit to the Air Canada Centre exemplified how electric they really are and raised a number of questions: why is everyone still sleeping on HELLOGOODBYE? Are LIGHTS and her little one Canada’s best new music duo? Will Paramore eventually top The Self-Titled Tour?

The night’s openers didn’t refrain from spilling out remarkable hits from their latest studio albums and it was a true lead-in to Paramore’s headliner that felt tighter, explosive, awe-inspiring, and climactic. Their song choices weren’t a complete shake-up from this year’s spring tour but their transitions (“Fast In My Car” to “That’s What You Get”) and surprises (“Daydreaming”, “Crushcrushcrush”) shaded in a refined and unbelievable level of talent. As far as anyone’s concerned, Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis, and Taylor York aren’t pop stars at all – they’re architects. They’re onto something huge, both on-stage and off, and when it rains, it pours. Check out our photos from the show below.




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