Going Live: Flatbush Zombies, Bodega Bamz (CMW 2014)

Flatbush Zombies-1Since 2012’s D.R.U.G.S., FLATBUSH ZOMBIES have been cruising – coherently “mashing up di place” while forcing their way into Tumblr rap, HypeM charts, and blogger convos. However, seeing the Brooklyn trio blaze it up live is an entirely different story. Alongside Harlem MC BODEGA BAMZ, the Zombs blunted out Toronto’s Phoenix Concert Theatre (May 9th) and dropped one of the most potent sets of the week, dipping in and out of rhymes while their homegrown beats blasted off the walls. Such a picture may seem ordinary to anyone who really and truly is a fan of Juice, Meechy, and The Architect, but it’s about time the Flatbushians start getting records with Wu or “Jr. Gong”.

Bodega Bamz’ Strictly 4 My P.A.P.I.Z. is out now while Flatbush Zombies’ BetterOffDEAD tape can be found here


Bodega Bamz-1

Bodega Bamz-2

Bodega Bamz-3

Bodega Bamz-4

Bodega Bamz-5

Bodega Bamz-6


Flatbush Zombies-2

Flatbush Zombies-3

Flatbush Zombies-4

Flatbush Zombies-5

Flatbush Zombies-6

Flatbush Zombies-7

Flatbush Zombies-8

Flatbush Zombies-9

Flatbush Zombies-10

Flatbush Zombies-11

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