Photos: Fucked Up’s Glass Boys Set At Sonic Boom Was A Thing Of Beauty

Fucked Up - Sonic BoomHere’s a fun fact for you: FUCKED UP are understated heroes. They don’t necessarily belong to a specific generation as they’ve done wonders for both Gen X and Gen Y, and the lack of tags and loose associations allowed them to establish a fearless new voice in alternative. They never really abided by “the ten band members or else” shtick or gave into being a modernized major label outfit – they just camped it out on their own turf and groomed music that was honest and authentic. It was and never has been perfect, but it has left a dent in the lives of bloggers, photographers, parents, promoters, and any audience member that’s ever seen a giant bearded fellow wade out towards them. Because of their cultural impact, it also didn’t come as a surprise to see Fucked Up celebrate the release of Glass Boys (out now on Matador/Arts & Crafts) with pop-ups at The Rivoli and Sonic Boom. We managed to catch the latter and while Riley Taylor’s photographs are proof the six-piece can still destroy, they’re also an exhibit of a legacy no one will ever forget.

Fucked Up - Sonic Boom-1

Fucked Up - Sonic Boom-2

Fucked Up - Sonic Boom-3

Fucked Up - Sonic Boom-4

Fucked Up - Sonic Boom-5

Fucked Up - Sonic Boom-6

Fucked Up - Sonic Boom-7

Fucked Up - Sonic Boom-8

Fucked Up - Sonic Boom-9

Fucked Up - Sonic Boom-10

Fucked Up - Sonic Boom-11

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