Going Live: Ryan Hemsworth, Mas Ysa (NXNE 2014)

Ryan Hemsworth-1Halifax’s RYAN HEMSWORTH isn’t too much of a stranger to North By Northeast. “The Bae Whisperer”  rocked an after-hours show at BLK BOX in 2013 but it really can’t be compared to his Friday function (June 20th) at Adelaide Hall. Next to Montreal’s MAS YSA and the likes of DEEBS, EVY JANE, and TENNYSON, Hemsworth’s 2 a.m. set powered up with 8-bit shots, trap numbers, EDM joints, and staples like “Ignition” and “Kiss Me Thru The Phone”. The latter tracks can definitely be considered rarities unless you rock out to vintage JoJo on the daily, but it goes on to show how fearless and comprehensive he can be when he strolls into his zone. In short, Ryan Hemsworth just doesn’t do “basic” as he’s always trying to level up. Click through our photo set of the night below via Julia Marcello.


Mas Ysa-1

Mas Ysa-3

Mas Ysa-4

Mas Ysa-5

Mas Ysa-6

Mas Ysa-7

Mas Ysa-8


Ryan Hemsworth-1

Ryan Hemsworth-2

Ryan Hemsworth-3

Ryan Hemsworth-4

Ryan Hemsworth-5

Ryan Hemsworth-6

Ryan Hemsworth-7

Ryan Hemsworth-8

Ryan Hemsworth-9

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