Photos: Norma Jean at Hard Luck Bar

Norma Jean-1Since the physical release of O God, The Aftermath, NORMA JEAN have constantly resuscitated and exploited the finer side of “metalcore”. It’s always been an ugly word for a genre but the Georgia outfit have never given less than 100 per cent. Their headliner at Toronto’s Hard Luck Bar (August 8th) was a reminder of that as Cory Brandan and co. speared through a Wrongdoers-heavy set and still found time to put an exclamation point on a history of stylistic shifts (“Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste”, “The Anthem Of The Angry Brides”). Their discography rightfully deserves its own mantelpiece but as Summer 2014 notes, their stage presence is still capable of knocking out a rib or two.

Check out our live stills below via Riley Taylor and make sure to take a peek at Norma Jean’s upcoming itinerary.

Norma Jean-2

Norma Jean-3

Norma Jean-4

Norma Jean-5

Norma Jean-6

Norma Jean-7

Norma Jean-8

Norma Jean-9

Norma Jean-10

Norma Jean-11

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