Photos: This Will Destroy You at Lee’s Palace

This Will Destroy You-1

Remember when post-rock used to be a thing? Well, it was on Tuesday (Oct. 28th) as THIS WILL DESTROY YOU set up shop at Toronto’s Lee’s Palace to remind everyone that instrumentalists have feelings too. The Texan quartet breezed through a layer-driven, cinematic realignment of their discography, dusting off their self-titled and 2006’s Young Mountain EP while cracking Another Language wide open with numbing live takes (“Invitation”, “New Topia”). Austin’s FUTURE DEATH also provided support – making sure every bystander dug their claws into Special Victim’s fuzzy tendencies – and for a brief taste of the tour, you can check out our galleries below (via Jen Schenkel).


Future Death-1

Future Death-2

Future Death-3

Future Death-4

Future Death-5

Future Death-6

Future Death-7


This Will Destroy You-2

This Will Destroy You-3

This Will Destroy You-4

This Will Destroy You-5

This Will Destroy You-6

This Will Destroy You-7

This Will Destroy You-8

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