Photos: Run The Jewels at Danforth Music Hall

Run The Jewels-1

Rap can have its Versace silk shirts and Fisher-Price beats because RUN THE JEWELS don’t need them. The duo’s bus broke down following their Detroit show and while their merch trailer caught fire – prompting fellow tourmates RATKING and DESPOT to stay put – KILLER MIKE and EL-P flew out to Toronto on Wednesday to salvage the Canadian leg of their tour. As everyone found out at the Danforth Music Hall, that kind of dedication can slay a room.

Before you could say “zumba”, the twosome slipped right into a tear of RTJ1 + 2 at the venue, flattering “Blockbuster Night Part 1” with “Banana Clipper” and “36” Chain”, and even letting “Close Your Eyes” ricochet into El’s Cancer-ous “Tougher Colder Killer”. The latter seemed like an odd move considering the lack of R.A.P. Music, but it only added to the disfiguring volume of Mike and El’s set. Every track, sample, and quip fostered a new layer of energy, and if it wasn’t paging a need for more sing-a-longs about kitchenettes and Grand Theft Auto, it was certainly prepping a rager of a closer. Fact: “Angel Duster” will knock your head clean off. Check out Victoria Charko’s live stills below.

Run The Jewels-2

Run The Jewels-3

Run The Jewels-4

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