Photos: JMSN at The Drake Hotel

Much like Michael Milosh and How To Dress Well, Christian Berishaj – aka JMSN – is a dedicated musician/songwriter/artiste that can grab your heartstrings and snip them one by one. There’s no distaste behind the act because as his live performances show, it simply derives from his ability to make a connection with anyone that will listen. JMSN’s recent recital at The Drake Hotel in Toronto (February 19th) stayed in tune with that particular factoid as he fell in sync with a backing band and exposed every crevice of the Blue Album – including its stubbly yet smooth arrangements that sit somewhere between L.A. and lush. Photographer Victoria Charko caught everything on RAW so take a peep at her images and resurrect “Addicted” ASAP.

In case you missed it, JMSN’s 14-track effort JMSN (Blue Album) is out now through his indie label White Room Records

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