Photos: Taking Back Sunday, letlive. at Danforth Hall

Throwing the likes of TAKING BACK SUNDAY, LETLIVE., and THE MENZINGERS on the same tour seems like a pretty obscure move Punk-O-Rama would make, but it’s 2015 and it works. The trio occupied Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall this past Friday (March 13th) and filled the space with “dope beats”, sing-a-longs, Laura Stevenson tees, free climbing, and a whole lot of mic swings. Jason Butler and letlive. bolted through their most technical set, The Menzingers tugged on memories with an equal balance of Rented World and On The Impossible Past, and in closing, Taking Back Sunday ultimately certified their status as mid-2000s’ alt emo icons with a total of 22 songs – including “Spin”, “Ghost Man On Third”, and “Bonus Mosh Pit Pt. II”. We sent photographer Jeff Filman to document the night in its entirety and as you’ll notice above, there was a lot for fans to write home about.

Taking Back Sunday and co. are on the road until April 4th so make sure to check them out in Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Orlando.

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