Photos: Tame Impala at Massey Hall

Need an escape from reality that doesn’t require psychedelics or a parachute? Go to a TAME IMPALA show. The Aussie outfit set up shop at Toronto’s Massey Hall on Tuesday (May 19th) and mesmerized – eclipsing their previous sessions at The Phoenix and Kool Haus (R.I.P.) with a tight, Lonerism-heavy set. The theatre’s acoustics and the mind-warping projections were obvious highlights, but Tame Impala clearly leveled up, letting recordings mingle with each other rather than simply fall in line. In waves, “Let It Happen” melted into “Mind Mischief”, “Eventually” charged into “Elephant”, and even “Why Won’t They Talk To Me?” found a way to trip into “Apocalypse Dreams”. There were a few notable omissions, but it was clear Kevin Parker and co. were doing a farewell to Lonerism and Innerspeaker, and in a way that made sense. Plus, from a live perspective, Currents already sounds like a little shard of ecstasy: subtle yet intoxicating. For a visual taste of the sold-out show, check out Steve St. Jean’s gallery above.

Tame Impala’s forthcoming record Currents hits stores and the like on July 17th via Universal/Modular – pre-order it now

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