Photos: Lil Dicky at The Mod Club

Who is LIL DICKY? No, but seriously. Is he a rapper? Is he a comedian? Is he a YouTube sensation? Is he a Drake-worshipping Jewish kid that would freak all over a leak of Views From The 6? For David Burd, it’s all of the above. The Philadelphia creative has become a poster boy for “DIY suburban rap” but in a so fresh, so posi way as his return to Toronto’s Mod Club (May 28th) framed an admirable sense of growth – what with all the “Staying In”, Hump Days love, and not so subtle nods to Ciara. There’s no telling what kind of impact his new project Professional Rapper will have on his future, but as we discovered during our half-day hang, Lil Dicky’s ready for it – Jewish flow and all. Check out our various stills above (via Marie Rupolo).

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