Photos: Rise Against, letlive at Echo Beach

Regardless of what the Internet has to say, it’s a good year to be a punk fan. 2015 has been chock full of surprises but it’s also become a pedestal for experimentation, abandoning old ways, and rediscovering what makes touring fun. The latter part is something that RISE AGAINST has latched onto as their recent stop at Toronto’s Echo Beach on Sunday (July 19th) was a nostalgic piece of chaos that never hit “empty”. The band’s 16-song set was a marvel in its own right and a true compliment next to their openers as staff faves LETLIVE. and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE tore apart their albums from the inside out. The proof is in the photographs so check out Jeff Filman‘s gallery above – this tour is one you don’t want to miss.

Rise Against’s The Black Market is out now via Universal/Interscope — for similar shows, make sure to visit

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