Photos: Sigur Ros at Massey Hall

With new project on its way, SIGUR RÓS continued their fall theater run with a stop at Toronto’s Massey Hall (October 3rd) which resulted in a pivotal (and absolutely heartbreaking) analysis of intimacy. The Icelandic outfit have always found a way to be extraordinary, but as a live three-piece (!!!) they warped their tendencies and exposed so much more — drifting through two full sets of songs that layered layers with static and heady visuals, and explored the various corners of ( ), Ágætis byrjun, Takk…, Kveikur, and Valtari. Their entire 16-song run-through felt freeing in a sense and it was more than enough to evoke a standing ovation once “Popplagið” faded out. For proof, check out the photo gallery that’s above via Hannah Jor.

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