BLARE’s 5 Best New Artists (October 2012)


NOTES: Face the fact: Single Mothers’ strain of punk is more brutally honest than your last “Dear Diary” entry. Coming from London, Ontario, the Secret Voices-signed fivesome muse on personal reflections that clearly portray hardships, recklessness and frustration and steer straight for the heart while their basement-tinged distortion practically rips at your legs. The tempos and transitions they entwine can on some level be critically hazardous as songs subsequently get savage, violent, blunt and gloriously ruthless. There’s a lot of significant beauty in almost every recording, it’s just how much of it you take in is dependent on what you can dig out of your own closet.

FILE NEXT TO: Basement, Former Thieves, La Dispute
NOW PLAYING: S/T EP (Secret Voices/Deathwish Inc.) // Official WebsiteBandcamp

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