GOING LIVE: Casey Veggies

CASEY VEGGIES THE MOD CLUB, TORONTO / MAY 8TH Contrary to belief, L.A. pride CASEY VEGGIES is an MC that’s well on his way. The former co-founder of the way too popular collective Odd Future made his return to Canada with his date at The Mod Club in Toronto and for a headlining gig, he effortlessly let his bravado shine without hesitating. While Veggies is known for Sleeping In Class and his recent tricked out mixtape Customized Greatly Vol.... Read More

GOING LIVE: A Wilhelm Scream, Belvedere

A WILHELM SCREAM, BELVEDERE, THE SNIPS THE OPERA HOUSE, TORONTO / MAY 5TH A foreign language of sorts to those south of the border, Canadian punk rock used to be a dominant breed, one that invented and reinvented styles and sounds and though it’s scarce today, it’s still alive. Veterans BELVEDERE are a shade of that proof and put that into full effect during their Toronto stop on their reunion tour with A WILHELM SCREAM and THE SPITS.... Read More


THE DRUMS PHOENIX CONCERT THEATRE, TORONTO / APR. 27TH In a universe where bands copy bands that copy bands, Manhattan indie rockers THE DRUMS have found a formula – more of a sound and cathartic live performance – that sticks. And when we mean stick, it latches on to your conscious and subconscious until singing songs like “Days” and “What You Were” out loud to yourself becomesĀ  daily routine. After shaking The... Read More

GOING LIVE: Cults, No Joy

CULTS, NO JOY, SPECTRALS PHOENIX CONCERT THEATRE, TORONTO / APR. 25TH Even with their remarkable debut having been released almost a year ago, New York indie poppers CULTS still carry this impressive ability to make their sound detonate. Continuing their path to play every stage in Toronto, the quintet rattled the Phoenix Concert Theatre with enough tunes to keep dance moves alive while their sidekicks – NO JOY and SPECTRALS – kicked up... Read More

GOING LIVE: Kaiser Chiefs

KAISER CHIEFS THE OPERA HOUSE, TORONTO / APR. 17TH Fresh off an electric South By Southwest appearance, Brit rockers KAISER CHIEFS toured all the way up to Toronto to do one main thing: rock everybody’s socks off. If you didn’t think the Leeds five-piece could do just that, think again, as the quintet showed at their gig at The Opera House in Toronto that even with rock and roll trying to crawl from underneath the age of oddities, they... Read More

GOING LIVE: Japanther

JAPANTHER THE GARRISON, TORONTO / APR. 13TH Half art project, half noise rock contraption, Brooklyn duo JAPANTHER have always been able to stun you. Not stupefy, wow, or leave you in subtle awe – just stun you, making you wonder a) what just occurred, and b) why a feeling of unusual joy has now embraced your body. The twosome’s recent set at The Garrison in Toronto proved that Ian Vanek and Matt Reilly still encompass the ability to do... Read More

GOING LIVE: Say Anything

SAY ANYTHING, KEVIN DEVINE THE OPERA HOUSE, TORONTO / APR. 7TH Two and a half years ago, California rockers SAY ANYTHING visited Toronto alongside family and friends (Eisley, Moving Mountains) and delivered with a bang, and even close to three years later, the band was still able to define the term “blowout”. Performing with KEVIN DEVINE, FAKE PROBLEMS and THE FRONT BOTTOMS (three acts your ears need to be friends with), Max Bemis and... Read More

GOING LIVE: The Devil Wears Prada, Every Time I Die

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, EVERY TIME I DIE, LETLIVE, OH SLEEPER TOWN BALLROOM, BUFFALO / MAR. 31ST Yes, we went to Buffalo. We did it. We braved the fact the last time we visited the home of the Bills we were abused at the border, keeping our Canadian coolness at bay to become just another good neighbor and soak up a timeless set of performances at the Town Ballroom. On paper, The Dead Throne Tour should be utterly spectacular, what with THE DEVIL WEARS... Read More

GOING LIVE: Comeback Kid, Living With Lions

COMEBACK KID, LIVING WITH LIONS, SUCH GOLD, EXALT THE MOD CLUB, TORONTO / MAR. 30TH Feeding off an anticipation that was breeding for weeks, Canadian bred hardcore punk acts COMEBACK KID and LIVING WITH LIONS slammed The Mod Club in Toronto with a set that left people breathless, excited and sweating. Not just ordinary sweat, we’re talking buckets. Opening the night, rising names EXALT and SUCH GOLD invoked shout-a-longs that didn’t stray... Read More

GOING LIVE: Band Of Skulls

BAND OF SKULLS, WE ARE AUGUSTINES PHOENIX CONCERT THEATRE, TORONTO / MAR. 30TH Everybody knows, there are few bands out there that can rock like BAND OF SKULLS. Cut from the loin cloth of Led Zeppelin and the backbone of British alternative, the English trio shed off their style of rock n’ roll on the Phoenix Concert Theatre’s stage as if they owned the place. Swerving through riff-laced numbers like “Lies”, “Sweet Sour”... Read More

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